Kumon Learning System has helped children develop math and reading skills for over 55 years. We promote and introduce their work books to our children, encourage them to complete, check and correct errors. Our children can master important academic skill step by step, and also foster a sense of independence whilst helping them develop into self-motivated learners.

1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Addition and Subtraction
4. Geometry and Measurement
5. Logical Thinking
6. Science



Reading is important for babies as much as for young children to help them get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills. Children learn to value books and stories and spark their imagination and stimulate curiosity. Reading helps your child's brain, social skills and communication skills develop.

In our centre, we promote
1. Stage Reading. Our teacher / educator will read with individual child base on his / her level. The family is also invited to borrow the books and help child at home. Our teacher will follow up and provide the correct level books.
2. Story Reading. Our centre has stored lots of books, we encourage parents to borrow books and reading for children at home.



New studies suggest that babies remember music they listened to in the womb for up to four months after being born! Lots of mothers have experienced their unborn baby move when they hear sounds, especially music. In America, scientists proved that children are already very talented and sensitive learners before age 7. 1st Impressions ELC's music curriculum aims improve children’s memory, focus, emotional control and stress resistance.

In our centre, we encourage all the children to sing, dance and listen to music. 

Our Starter Room is is equipped with junior musical instruments such as a digital piano, which children can touch and try.

For children over 3, our centre encourages regular piano and violin sessions with professional musical educators.

“The pianoforte is the most important of all musical instruments: its invention was to music what the invention of printing was to poetry.” George Bernard Shaw


Violin - 2 sessions a week FREE

Piano - 2 sessions a week FREE



As we become more and more globalised, we become more and more keen to travel and see the world.

Learning foreign language is encouraged in our centre to help children open their minds and understand other cultures better.

Mandarin lesson is provided 4 days weekly - FREE

(We are currently looking for French and Italian language educators to join us, please send your curriculum vitae to ask1stimpressions@gmail.com)



Our centre is filled with crafts, activities and printables to help engage children in the classroom. Our arts and crafts go alongside themes and literature resources and most of them celebrate Australia's Central and Aboriginal culture and festivals.

At 1st Impressions ELC, we believe that children who are actively involved and invested in art process the world around them and express their interpretations in a creative way, promoting confidence, problem solving, patience, determination and retain and recall information at a higher rate.



At 1st Impressions, we don't really mind getting our faces floury, fingers sticky, aprons mucky and bench tops messy!

We introduce children to making wholesome, nutritious meals, to help them develop a healthy relationship with food that can last them a lifetime. We aim to instill healthy eating habits through cooking and baking and give our children the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults.